We are proud to offer lens choices ranging from simple plastic lenses to the lightest and thinnest lenses available today, Hi-Index 1.70. Impact resistant (polycarbonate and trivex), photochromic (Transitions), and innovative progressive lenses are just some of the many options available. With myriad products out there, which are best for you? Come on in and ask.

We recommend only premium anti-reflection coatings for all of our patients and most of these lenses now have a two year warranty. They provide for more comfort and less fatigue while greatly reducing the glare and reflections associated with night driving and computer use. Cosmetically, they make the lenses almost invisible. Today’s anti-reflective coatings are much more durable and won't smudge like the older types.

Have you tried progressive lenses in the past but had problems adapting? Maybe the reading or computer area was too small or you felt too much distortion? The newest category of these lenses is designed to maximize the viewing area while minimizing the distortion inherent in previous versions. We've had great success with the Hoyalux ID, Zeiss HD and Shamir free-form lenses prescribed for both present and new progressive lens wearers.